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Top-Hung Manual Sunroof
  • Top-Hung Manual SunroofTop-Hung Manual Sunroof

Top-Hung Manual Sunroof

The Qianjing Top-Hung Manual Sunroof, a high-quality product from China's trusted manufacturer and supplier, is produced in our factory and available for purchase at competitive, cheap prices.

The Qianjing Top-Hung Manual Sunroof, originating from China, is a superb product manufactured by a leading manufacturer in the industry. As a reliable supplier, we provide customers with a factory-direct product that is both durable and dependable. This sunroof offers a top-hung design with manual operation, giving users a smooth and effortless experience. Customers can buy this product with confidence, knowing that it comes from a trusted source. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices, making the Qianjing Top-Hung Manual Sunroof an excellent choice for those seeking a cheap yet high-quality option.

Suitable for: sunroom, roof, basement patio

• Opening method: manual top-hanging outward/inward opening
• Surface treatment: electrostatic powder treatment
• Processing technology: seamless welding
• Profile material: 6063-T5 aluminum profile
• Profile specifications: Profile thickness is 1.8mm
The overlapping surface is 20mm/the total height of the frame fan is 75mm/the total width of the frame fan is 97mm
• Installation method: embedded installation
• Customization range: Maximum area of single fan ≦1.5㎡
• Glass configuration: o 5+12A+5mm
• 5+0.76pvb+5mm
• Note: Glass configuration and intelligent configuration are options: √ means standard configuration, o means optional

The Top-Hung Manual Sunroof is a versatile and convenient automotive accessory that offers numerous benefits for both personal and commercial use.

Scenarios of Top-Hung Manual Sunroof
On long road trips with the family, the Top-Hung Manual Sunroof allows passengers to enjoy the natural breeze and sunlight, creating a more pleasant and airy atmosphere.
During daily commutes through congested cities, the sunroof can be partially opened to let in fresh air, reducing the need for constant use of the air conditioning system.
The ability to quickly open or close the sunroof makes it a useful feature for off-road enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors while still protecting the interior from dust and debris.
In medical emergency situations, a sunroof can provide an alternative ventilation point for patients and medical personnel.
Fire Rescue: For firefighters and other emergency responders, a sunroof can serve as an additional evacuation point in case of vehicle rollovers or other emergencies.

In all these scenarios, the Top-Hung Manual Sunroof provides a convenient way to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining the comfort and security of a closed vehicle. Its simple yet elegant design ensures easy operation and maintenance, making it a practical choice for both personal and commercial applications.

Manual sunroof gives you the right to interact with the sky. Pull open the blue with your own hands and enjoy the wonderful moment of close contact with nature.

The delicate manual sunroof operation brings a different kind of satisfaction. Let you embrace the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air as you like.

Manual skylights, opening with both hands is not only a skylight, but also a pursuit of freedom and beauty that makes the house full of surprises.

Simple manual operation, not a simple sunroof experience. Feel the delicacy and warmth brought by the manual skylight, making your time at home more charming.

Controlling the manual sunroof is like controlling your own mood. Open it at any time to welcome the bright sunshine and inject vitality and romance into your life.

Manual sunroof, a gift from the sky opened by you personally, brings you endless pleasure and comfort

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