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Hidden Electric Sunroof
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Hidden Electric Sunroof

The Qianjing Hidden Electric Sunroof, manufactured by a prestigious Chinese manufacturer and supplier, boasts exceptional quality at a competitive price point, seamlessly integrating advanced functionality with sleek elegance.

The Qianjing Hidden Electric Sunroof, proudly originating from China, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of automotive innovation and craftsmanship. Developed by a renowned manufacturer and trusted supplier, this sunroof is a product of unwavering quality, ensuring that every detail meets the highest standards. Its seamless integration into any vehicle design is a testament to its versatility and elegance, blending harmoniously with the contours and lines of modern automobiles.

The manufacturer's unwavering dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of the sunroof's construction. Using only premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, the sunroof is built to last, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Even after years of regular use, it maintains its sleek appearance and smooth functionality.

Furthermore, the Qianjing Hidden Electric Sunroof offers competitive pricing, making it an exceptional value for money. Despite its superior quality and advanced features, it is priced competitively, allowing more consumers to enjoy the benefits of this remarkable product.

With its superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and seamless integration into any vehicle, the Qianjing Hidden Electric Sunroof is a true embodiment of the excellence and precision that Chinese manufacturing has come to represent. It is a must-have addition for any discerning driver who values elegance, functionality, and quality.

Suitable for: sunroom, roof, basement patio

• Opening method: electric top suspension outward opening
• Surface treatment: electrostatic powder treatment
• Processing technology: seamless welding
• Profile material: 6063-T5 aluminum profile
• Profile specifications: Profile thickness 2.0mm
The overlapping surface is 80mm/the total height of the frame fan is 115mm/the total width of the frame fan is 79mm
• Installation method: flat installation
• Customization range: Maximum area of single fan ≦2㎡
• Glass configuration:o 5mm+0.76pvb+5mm
• Intelligent configuration: √ Prospect motor √ Wireless remote control
• Wireless solar rain sensor o Mobile phone remote control o Voice control
• Electric sunshade o Electric screen

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